SMP HD项目将纳入黑米专属培训计划之中,我们将为学员们提供专业的SMP HD纹发培训方案。

  SMP HD(高清密发),全称SMP Hair Density,被称为SMP高清密发。适合各年龄段患有头发稀疏或斑秃症状的男性和女性。很多男性和女性都存在不同程度的前额、头皮中部以及冠状区域头发稀疏的情况。SMP-HD通过成千上万的色素微粒来伪装毛囊,从而让头发更加浓密。SMP-HD将给您更全面、更浓密、更厚重的头发。

  SMP HD 适用于患有头发稀疏和斑秃的男性与女性。


  The SMP HD project will be included in the HiMi Exclusive Training Program and we will provide professional training programs for the trainees.

  SMP HD (Hair Density), is the short name of SMP Hair Density. Suiting for all ages of men and women with thinning hair or baldness condition. Many men and women have different degrees of central forehead, scalp and coronary regional thinning hair. The SMP-HD by tens of thousands of pigment particles to disguise the hair follicle, which make the hair more thick. The SMP-HD will give you a more comprehensive, more thick, more thick hair.

  SMP HD is suitable for people with thinning hair and is bald men and women.